At Dr Karl H. Böhm Dental Clinic we have been treating our patients for more than 20 years, offering solutions to their ailments or needs in the simplest, most functional, beautiful and durable possible way.



We seek excellence in all the treatments we accomplish.

We invest in the most cutting edge of technology which we join to our daily practice in order to offer the best solution to each situation and to carry it out with the best means, just like excellence has defined us from the first day.

Only strictly necessary treatments are carried out and we try not to use any metals. In the same way, we only x-ray when strongly required and we use the minimum radiation as well as the minimum amount of anaesthetics and medicines.



Paediatric Odontology

Paediatric Odontology


Paediatric odontology prevents and treats children’s oral problems.

Milk teeth are also susceptible to suffer caries and other problems. It is essential to schedule a check up every 6 months since the early teething.



The main objective of paediatric odontology is our children’s dental problems prevention. For that reason, every year we organize a course on prevention to the 4th grade kids at the German School in order to make them understand the importance of a good oral hygiene and the importance of visiting regularly the dentist to detect

problems in anticipation and to avoid complications.

Like you, we know well that the only way to truly motivate a child is understanding his/her wish to discover the world and play. The best age to start visiting the dentist is between 18 months and 2 years old. There’s no problem if the child can’t talk yet because LOLA, an amusing elephant, doesn’t need words to explain what’s going on.

An early examination is not only important to prevent caries, but also to get used to the environment, noises and smells of the dentist without relating it to pain, discomfort or disease.

It is very important not to transfer fears from parents to children.

If you’d like to help your children and prepare them for their first examination, tell them that the dentist is going to count their teeth, that he/she has a teeth shower together with a teeth dryer and an elephant who drinks very fast.



What is orthodontics?


Its aim is to correct the position of the teeth and to control the jawbones growth in order to achieve a correct dental alignment and a good connection between the dental arches.

There is no age limit to enjoy the advantages of an orthodontics treatment as long as the bones and gums surrounding the teeth are in good conditions.

In many cases, cosmetic orthodontics allows treatments in which appliances are not noticeable.

The duration of the orthodontics treatment in adults can be as short as only some months, for instance in cases of moderate teeth crowding.

There is not an ideal age to start the orthodontics treatment. The planning is specific for each patient and has to be customized according to his/her personal circumstances.

Aesthetic brackets


Patients who are not willing to wear metallic brackets can choose porcelain aesthetic brackets for their orthodontics. Porcelain brackets are translucent white so that they imitate the natural teeth colour.

A part of the face aging process is the dental appearance. Usually, beauty lies in whatever is young and healthy. Orthodontics rejuvenates the face, bringing a healthier and younger appearance.

Nowadays, there are several systems of invisible orthodontics designed for adults who don’t want to change their lifestyle or being worried about aesthetics during the treatment. Orthodontics in adults is used for achieving an attractive smile, as well as well functioning mouth, in harmony with one’s face and aligned teeth. A good alignment allows a proper daily dental hygiene. All this process takes little longer than a year, in most of the cases.


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